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A veneer is a thin shell of dental material resembling the natural shape and color of a tooth. It would be ready to be bonded to the tooth surface. Veneers do not cover all the surfaces of the tooth as they are bonded on to the frontal surface of the tooth.They are used to treat many cosmetic problems like uneven gap between teeth, discolored teeth, chipped and cracked teeth, etc. They have a natural appearance and hence, are used for anterior teeth.

Indications of Veneers

  • When you have stained teeth which cannot be whitened by bleaching, veneers are the best treatment option.
  • When your teeth are chipped or worn out, veneers can be used to restore them.
  • Veneers are used to close large gaps present between adjacent teeth.

What are the types of veneers available?

Veneers can be made up of a ceramic or composite resin material. Your dentist will perform a thorough oral examination and choose the type of veneer which is best for you.

1. Ceramic veneers

  • Ceramic veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are custom made in a dental laboratory.
  • Benefits of ceramic veneers
  • Ceramic veneers have high strength and are long-lasting.
  • They have a natural appearance due to the smooth and translucent surface. Moreover, they do not stain easily.

2. Composite resin veneers

  • Composite veneers are custom-made shells of tooth-colored material (composite resin).
  • Benefits of composite resin veneers
  • Composite resin veneers require less tooth material removal when compared to ceramic veneers.
  • Composite resin veneer treatment can be done in a single visit.
  • They aren’t as expensive as ceramic veneers.
  • They can be easily repaired, replaced or modified.

What are the steps in veneers placement?

Step 1: The dentist grinds the surface of your tooth so as to make room for the ceramic material. Grinding of the tooth makes it look less bulky.

Step 2: The dentist makes a mold of the tooth which has been prepared. The dentist then selects the shade of the ceramic veneer by matching it with the adjacent natural tooth.

Step 3: The impressions are sent to a dental laboratory to be used as a reference for fabricating the veneer.

Step 4: The veneer is placed on the tooth to check the fit. It is later cemented to the prepared tooth.

What are the steps in composite resin veneers placement?

Step 1: The dentist reshapes the tooth and then, applies an etching compound on the tooth in order to prepare it for bonding. The bonding agent is then applied on the etched surface of the tooth.

Step 2: The dentist selects a suitable shade of composite by matching it with the adjacent tooth. Composite resin is then sculpted carefully on to the etched surface of the tooth.

Step 3: The dentist uses a special light to harden the composite resin material.

Step 4: The dentist finishes the surface of the veneer by smoothening and polishing it to make it look natural.

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All very good
Lawrence Holthaus
Lawrence Holthaus
Wonderful dentist and team!
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Kristen Miller
I've been going to this dentist office for many, many years. Dr. Tiffany Bui & my dental hygienist, Anna, along with the rest of the staff, are the best I've ever gone to. They are professional, personable, caring, gentle & they explain the procedures they're performing. The dental equipment is state of the art. I usually only need cleanings & x-rays. Although my insurance changed & does not cover my out of pocket expenses, I'm willing to pay for cleanings & x-rays because I am so impressed & comfortable with the hygienist, dentist & staff. I can't imagine finding a better dentist & staff! I highly recommend this dental office!
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Linda Bradley
Efficient cleaning
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Raphael Bivas
My dental treatment went quite smoothly considering my on/off coughing. Anna was very cool about keeping water to a minimum and accomidating my lower back configurations and getting the job done.
ted mill
ted mill
Dr. Bui is the nicest dentist. Her technique for administering anesthetic is masterful. And she truly enjoys her work as I noticed she happily hums while she works on her patients!
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Laura Roberts
Thanks so much for dealing with my dental emergency on a Friday night!
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Lynnae Evans
Dr Bui, Chris, my hygienist, and the whole team went above and beyond. I can’t say enough good about this practice!
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Jane Lowry